The Cat Piano in Portuguese

Took a while to get to this in my inbox, but CP fan, Titio Pentelho, sent a file with Portuguese subtitles to add to a youtube video. Turns out it’s pretty straightforward to do (adding the file that is, not the translation!). Cheers Titio!

A big thanks to all the fans out there who have created subtitled versions of The Cat Piano:


A Poet Journeys To Berlin

The Cat Piano has been selected in competition at the Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. CARNIVORE REFLUX was selected in competition at the same festival as the narration was also a poem I wrote.

I didn’t manage to make it to the festival back then but I’m really hoping to travel to Berlin, a city I have never seen to see the film compete against 25 other poetry-based films from around the world. I’m really curious and intrigued to see how poems have formed the backbone of these films. I think the format of a poem seems to work really well for a short film. The Festival runs from October 14 – 17 so if you’re in Berlin come along to the festival and say hi.

A Columbian draws a Peruvian in Denmark

A very talented animator/artist friend of mine called Andrs Barrientos whom I met while at an animation festival in Zagreb in 2006, recently sent me one of his art works. It was painted for an article in SOHO Magazine, written by well known Peruvian journalist Jaime Bayly.

I was really chuffed to hear that part of the inspiration for the piece was drawn from the scene in The Cat Piano where one cat stabs another in cold blood in a dark alleyway. It’s a very cool thing when a friend and artist you admire is inspired by something that you have done, and gave me a real buzz. If you want to see more of Andres’ work, have a look at his blog.

Sax Genie

We were flattered to find this image created by artist Mete Erdogan, posted on Notcot. The caption reads:

“This fashion victim is a cigarette dwelling sax genie. Influenced by genie in Aladdin and short film ‘The Cat Piano’, this piece is made from a combination of photoshop masks and Indian Ink textures.”

The Cat Piano at Gluttony

The Cat Piano will be screening as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival’s Gluttony, a “two day+night decadent feast for the senses” from 5pm at Rymill Park.

Meeting Adam on the Eve of Aussie Domination

[Left to Right: Adam Elliot, James Calvert & Eddie White at the 1998 Atom Awards]

With the announcement of the nominees on Tuesday, Oscar season is well and truly under way. It was great to see some truly diverse animated feature films make it into the mix that challenge people’s view of what stories animation could tell. Australians have traditionally done well at the Oscars and we were really rooting for Adam Elliot’s Mary & Max to get a nod. With his festival successes and Oscar win, Adam really had a lot to do with putting Aussie animation on the map in the 90s and 00s.

When I was a teenager in high school just starting to make short films, I remember seeing Adam’s short ‘Uncle’ for the first time. It was such a unique, hilarious and emotional short and to top it off, made by a fellow Aussie.

Throughout this time when my fellow PRA pioneers James Calvert & Hugh Nguyen and I were making student films in our garage, we would always keep track of Adam’s latest films and awards and drew inspiration from his style of storytelling, not to mention his honest, low-fi and unpretentious way of making an animated film.

In 1998 at the ATOM awards in Melbourne, we met Adam in person. He was young(er), energetic, approachable and an inspiration to talk with (we were 16 at the time).

In 2004, when Adam won the Academy Award for Best Short Animation for his masterpiece Harvie Krumpet we were thrilled – thrilled that an Australian animator had taken the big prize.

Then in the following two years, two more Australians would follow making it to the nomination stage; Sejong Park with Birthday Boy and Anthony Lucas with The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello.

With Warwick Thornton’s inspired Samson & Delilah missing out on a nomination for “Best Foreign Language Film”, Australia’s Oscar hopes this year rest on Luke Doolan’s Miracle Fish in the Best Short Film category. Good luck mate!

The Cat Piano screening in Adelaide

For those of you who live in Adelaide with us, you’ll be pleased to know The Cat Piano will be screening at the Mercury Cinema on Saturday 13 February from 7:30pm as part of the touring Flickerfest programme of shorts.

For more info visit: