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Meow Mao

Well I am currently sitting in the airport lounge at Singapore Airport on my way to China with Sam and Hugh of The PRA. We are going over for the Chinese premiere of SWEET & SOUR at the Shanghai Film Festival and to start feature talks with Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

Ari is still in Australia and will be posting some new images and animation tests over the coming two weeks while I’m away. I’ll also post any related info on the project as it comes to hand.


Setting the Scene

Well we’ve started working on the storyboards for the film. We’ll have a slice of them up soon for you all to look at. Until then we thought we’d keep you entertained with some other early concepts. We are still working to find a style for the backgrounds we’ll have some examples up in the near future.


This first image is another picture we did when designing the poet. Its been brought to our attention by one reader, Johnathan, that the Poet bears a striking resemblance to Leonard Cohen. This is a strange coincidence because we weren’t familiar with what he actually looked like. Nice spot Johnathan!


These silhouettes were an early style test for the background characters. The cats now have more variety in their form, although the poses in this image are still pretty cool.


The Pianist is a dark abstract presence. He appears in the film as a shadowy figure or as a giant jagged hand, snatching singing cats for his torturous instrument.

Regarding the release date of The Cat Piano, we are hoping it will be finished by September. Realistically the production may spill over into October and November.