Ted Hope on The Cat Piano

It’s been great seeing how much people have embraced The Cat Piano and have been spreading around the film with their friends and posting it up on their websites, blogs and profiles. Everyday the film seems to pop up on a few more websites. One that came to our attention was producer Ted Hope’s blog, who has produced over 60 films including 21 Grams, Adventureland, and has worked with Hal Hartley and Ang Lee. He writes:

Film noir, Nick Cave, absurd inventions, tales of others’ heartbreak, animation, clever company names, these are some of my favorite things. Okay I am not crazy about cats and smoky bars, or really happy endings when you get right down to it, but for this I am quite happy to make an exception.

With THE CAT PIANO, I just added “watching a lot more from The People’s Republic of Animation” to my ever expanding “To Do List”.
Cheers Ted. We’re big fans of your films too!

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