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A Poet Journeys To Berlin

The Cat Piano has been selected in competition at the Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. CARNIVORE REFLUX was selected in competition at the same festival as the narration was also a poem I wrote.

I didn’t manage to make it to the festival back then but I’m really hoping to travel to Berlin, a city I have never seen to see the film compete against 25 other poetry-based films from around the world. I’m really curious and intrigued to see how poems have formed the backbone of these films. I think the format of a poem seems to work really well for a short film. The Festival runs from October 14 – 17 so if you’re in Berlin come along to the festival and say hi.


A Columbian draws a Peruvian in Denmark

A very talented animator/artist friend of mine called Andrs Barrientos whom I met while at an animation festival in Zagreb in 2006, recently sent me one of his art works. It was painted for an article in SOHO Magazine, written by well known Peruvian journalist Jaime Bayly.

I was really chuffed to hear that part of the inspiration for the piece was drawn from the scene in The Cat Piano where one cat stabs another in cold blood in a dark alleyway. It’s a very cool thing when a friend and artist you admire is inspired by something that you have done, and gave me a real buzz. If you want to see more of Andres’ work, have a look at his blog.